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The FCC requires all Lifeline applicants to provide the following:

  1. Signed Lifeline Certification
  2. Proof of Eligibility
  3. Proof of Identity (Drivers License or State ID)

After placing your order with us, we will need you to submit to us the Lifeline Certification and Proof of Eligibility.

On-line ordering is not currently available for your state.
To place your order, please call our sales line at:


Lifeline Benefit Requirements

Signed Lifeline Certification

You can get a Lifeline Certification document here that can be printed, completed, and then returned to us. Or, one can be sent to you. You may fax, email, text, upload, or mail the document to us. Information on these methods is provided at the bottom of this page.

Proof of Eligibility

The rules for Lifeline assistance state that the applicant must provide proof of eligibility if eligibility can't be confirmed from a government database. After placing your order with us by calling our sales line, you will need to provide a copy or picture of an acceptable proof document. Acceptable forms of proof are shown here. Choose the proof that pertains to your qualification. For instance, if you are qualifying for Lifeline based on your participation in the SNAP (or Food Stamps) program, you may provide a picture of your SNAP card or a copy of your award letter for the program.
There are several ways for you to deliver the proof to us. See methods of providing proof.


You must provide proof of your identity. An unexpired drivers license or state identifcation are acceptable forms of identification. Other U.S. government issued IDs are acceptable if they contain a picture, name, and date of birth.

There are several ways for you to deliver the proof to us. See methods of sending us your documentation.
Proof of program participation and identification must be legible and show your name clearly, as well as the program name and an identification number.

Submit Documentation