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Lifeline Government Assistance

What is Lifeline Government Assistance?

Lifeline is a Federal government assistance program that reduces the phone bill for eligible low-income consumers.

Who Qualifies for this Service?

Qualification guidelines vary by state. On February 2, 2012, the Federal Communications Commission released it's Lifeline Reform Order which changed the qualifying criteria in many states. There is now a floor of eligibility requirements based on federal guidelines. Some states have opted to add more permissive eligibility criteria. If you're receiving some form of government assistance like Medicaid, SNAP, or Section 8 Housing, chances are that you qualify.

Check your state's Lifeline guidelines

What is Link-up?

Link-up is a government assistance program to reduce your telephone plan activation cost by up to $30. However, according to the Lifeline Reform Order released by the FCC, Link-up is no longer available as of 4/1/2012.

How much can I save?

Lifeline will save you $9.25 or more on your monthly telephone bill. The actual savings will vary by state and phone service provider.

Where can I get free Government supported telephone?

If you already have landline service, call your local phone company and ask for the Lifeline discount. If you need new service or would like to switch providers, follow the link provided below.

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*Free month not available in all states. Check your state for promotions and plan pricing.

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*Lifeline plan for qualified customers (participating in government assistance) in the AT&T areas of participating states. $17.99 start up promotion in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and more. Other states from $29.99 to start. Check your state for available promotions.

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